Reader query: sexual health and agency

A reader has sent a query on behalf of a friend of hers who is a bigwig in Planned Parenthood:

I’m looking for some research papers or some writing that looks at the importance of sexual health education for young women as it relates to their self agency, self worth, sense of who they are etc.

5 thoughts on “Reader query: sexual health and agency

  1. A book called ‘Living Dolls’ is a good read about the rise of sexualisation. It questions the efficacy of agency and the ‘freedom of choice’ girls have to express their identities through overt sexual activities such as taking part in pole dancing classes.

    A UK Home Office report on the sexualisation of children report, by Dr Linda Papadopoulos is fantasic also.

  2. If the reader has access to an academic database (Google scholar could also work), one possible search term is “theory of planned behavior” because self-efficacy is one component of the theory. There’s a diagram of the theory at –the self-efficacy component is labeled “control beliefs” here.

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