Philosophy at Chicago, then and now

The University of Chicago’s “current students” page is wonderful. Here’s a quote.

Graduate students in philosophy once represented a comparatively homogenous cross-section of American society — as the above photograph of John Dewey and his cohort, taken in 1885 (nine years before Dewey joined the faculty of the University of Chicago and became the Philosophy Department’s first Chairman) helps to make evident. Now almost evenly divided between students from North America and elsewhere, our current cohort of graduate students constitutes an altogether different kind of crew. Look below and see for yourself!

It’s great to see both that they’ve managed to recruit a remarkably diverse bunch of students, and that they’ve found such an elegant way to advertise this. Perhaps we should all spend some time gazing it these counterstereotypical exemplars.

Many thanks to Mike Otsuka for mentioning this in a comment on NewAPPS.

4 thoughts on “Philosophy at Chicago, then and now

  1. Am I the only one struck by the difference in size between the sets of old and new enrolled students? Golly, them’s a lot of students!

  2. What my students always ask: Where did they go before getting in to U of Chicago?

    Previous education:

    Unspecified degree:
    École Normale Supérieure
    Edinburgh University
    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
    La Sapienza Università di Roma
    Oxford University
    Panthéon-Sorbonne University (Paris I)
    Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV)

    Bogazici University
    Hebrew University (3)
    New School for Social Research (2)
    Queen’s University
    Stanford University
    Tel Aviv University (2)
    UC Santa Cruz
    University of Chicago (6)
    University of Helsinki

    Cambridge (Trinity College)
    Cambridge University
    King’s College London (2)
    University of Glasgow
    University of Sydney

    A.M., University of Chicago (3)
    M.A. in Film Studies, University of Pittsburgh
    MBA: Technion
    M. Litt, St Andrews
    M.M. Indiana University
    MMathPhil, Oxford
    MSc, University of Edinburgh
    MSt in Ancient Philosophy, Oxford
    MTS, Harvard University (2)

    Stanford University
    Columbia Law School

    Amherst College
    Auburn University (3)
    Bates College
    Bogazici University
    Boston University
    Brown University
    Carleton University
    Colgate University
    Emory University
    The Evergreen State College
    Grinnell College
    Gustavus Adolphus College
    Hamilton College
    Haverford College
    Hebrew University (3)
    Ithaca College
    Kings College London
    Loyola University New Orleans
    Macalester College
    McGill University
    Oxford (6)
    Penn State University
    Queen’s University
    Rice Univ.
    Saint Mary’s College
    Simon Fraser University
    Stanford University
    Swarthmore College (2)
    Tel Aviv University (2)
    UC Berkeley
    UC San Diego
    UC Santa Cruz
    Universidad de los Andes
    University of Alberta
    University of British Columbia
    University of Chicago
    University of New Hampshire
    University of Sydney
    University of Toronto (3)
    Uppsala University
    UT Austin
    Wheaton College
    Willamette University
    Yale (2)
    Yeshiva College

    Christ Church College, University of Oxford

    AB with Honors, University of Chicago
    A.B. in Film and Linguistics, Cornell University
    B.Eng., Heriot-Watt University
    B.M. Indiana University
    B.Mus. Ithaca College

    Junior College or Community College
    Southern Union Junior College
    Wallace Community College

  3. Thanks for the ‘hat tip’. I stumbled upon this when I clicked the name link of a blog commentator. I seem to recall once seeing a blog post on these photos somewhere else, but I’ve not been able to locate it.

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