New study: gender math gap is cultural, not biological

we show here that greater male variability and gender gap in mathematics performance, when present, are both largely arti- facts of a complex variety of sociocultural factors rather than intrinsic differences, co-educational schooling, or specific religious following per se. Importantly, we document that mathematics per- formance for both boys and girls exhibits a strong positive correlation with some measures of gender equity, especially participation rates and salaries of women in the paid labor force relative to m

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The Adjunct Manifesto

A manifesto by adjunct professors. (For the non-US- based, adjuncts are hired by the course/module. Their positions are poorly paid, and totally lacking in job security and often in benefits such as health insurance.)

We are the non-tenure track faculty who now constitute two-thirds of the instructional workforce at universities and colleges across the nation. We are frequently invisible to administrators, yet we are the first professors and instructors that undergraduate students meet on their journey to becoming engaged learners. We are the majority. We have been silent too long, and it is time for us to reclaim our voices and outline our demands.

Via NewAPPS.

Grants to aid conference accessibility

Thanks to the great work of Helen Beebee, more and more UK grant-giving philosophical organisations are offering additional funds to help with accessibility of conferences. Two recent examples I noticed are the Society for Applied Philosophy and Analysis. If you know of others, please note them in comments and I’ll add them as updates. And if you have any influence over a grant-giving body, do urge them to follow suit! My experience with the Analysis Committee was that this was immediately adopted without debate.