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For the first time, women share the first kiss at a navy homecoming. December 21, 2011

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“It’s a time-honored tradition at Navy homecomings — one lucky sailor is chosen to be first off the ship for the long-awaited kiss with a loved one. Today, for the first time [according to the Navy], the happily reunited couple was gay.”

Here’s the full story.

Thanks @amelapay for sharing!


7 Responses to “For the first time, women share the first kiss at a navy homecoming.”

  1. Alan Says:

    Oh I can just hear my red-neck relatives groaning and cursing.

    It’s wonderful to see this!

  2. Nemo Says:

    Apparently the straight male sailors have been lobbying for this for years.

  3. Alan Says:

    I’m finding Nemo to be tanked on this one.

    Still great to see love publicly celebrated in all dimensions.

  4. Jender Says:


  5. Rebecca Kukla Says:

    Dan Savage has posted a little video interview with them: http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2011/12/21/did-the-dadt-repeal-just-get-its-iconic-photograph

    So lovely!

  6. Respect for the Navy!

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