APA: (some) top picks.

Not to denigrate others, but the first especially is why I wish I could go.

WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 28th GROUP SESSION V – 5:15 – 7:15 P.M. GV – 13. Society for Women in Philosophy 5:15 – 7:15 p.m. Topic: Distinguished Woman Philosopher Award: Jennifer Saul Chair: Sally Haslanger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Speakers: Kathryn J. Norlock (Trent University) David Braun (University at Buffalo-State University of New York) Laura Beeby (University of Sheffield-United Kingdom) Nellie Wieland (California State University-Long Beach) Commentator: Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield-United Kingdom) (Reception to Follow)

FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 30th GROUP SESSION XII – 11:15 A.M.-1:15 P.M. GXII – 3. Society for Women in Philosophy 11:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Topic: Motherhood & Philosophy Chair: Maeve O’Donovan (Notre Dame of Maryland University) Speakers: Megan R. Dowdell (University of California-San Francisco) “The Respect for the Human Dignity of Black Motherhood” Sarah LaChance Adams (University of Wisconsin-Superior) “Mad Mothers, Bad Mothers and What a Good Mother Would Do” Shelley Park (University of Central Florida) “Mothering Queerly, Queering Motherhood: An Exploration of Polymaternal Families” Mike Jostedt (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale) “Jane Addams’ Evolving Concept of Motherhood”

A part of the citation for Jennifer Saul:

Professor Saul is one of the founders of and co-bloggers for Feminist Philosophers, a trans-continental forum that highlights gender-bias in the academy. The Feminist Philosophers blog has become an example of a collective feminist work that has led to other initiatives aimed at campaigning against sexism and gender bias such as the Gendered Conference Campaign, which aims to tackle under representation of female philosophers at academic events world-wide.

The blog has been immensely important to me and surely many others. Thank you, Jenny

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  1. I suspect the symposium on implicit bias would also be of interest to a lot of readers of this blog:

    Symposium: Implicit Bias
    Thursday 1:30-4:30 p.m.
    Chair: Sally Haslanger (Massachusetts Institute of
    Speakers: Tamar Gendler (Yale University)
    Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield-United
    Commentator: Louise Antony (University of Massachusetts–

  2. Whaddayamean, wish you could go? This implies we won’t see you here in D.C. Sorry to miss you! Gogo city will NOT be the same without you! (Although, of course, it remains Go-Go City.)

    Glad to see the snow return for the holiday, although it’s a thoroughly “green” Christmas here in DC!

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