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How can one improve one’s letters of recommendation? December 30, 2011

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Query from a reader:

A good friend of mine who is not in a search committee but knows someone who is in a search committee told me my letters of recommendation are short and meaningless, and that this was the main reason why I wasn’t shortlisted (she has a good cv, but with such letters, there must be something fishy). How do I go about asking my referees in a tactful way to make a longer letter? What is supposed to be in a good letter of recommendation? How do I find new letter writers? (I will obviously still ask my thesis advisor, and he is kindly disposed towards me.)


Women of the year

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Looking for some role models? Well, the BBC’s got them for you:

All in all, more than half of the BBC’s “Faces of the Year: Women” are rape victims, princesses and thereabouts, or bears.

Thanks, L!


On coming out, as gay and undocumented

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Read more here.



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