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Women of the year December 30, 2011

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Looking for some role models? Well, the BBC’s got them for you:

All in all, more than half of the BBC’s “Faces of the Year: Women” are rape victims, princesses and thereabouts, or bears.

Thanks, L!


5 Responses to “Women of the year”

  1. I guess they just tried everything to avoid having to include Angela Merkel.

  2. s. wallerstein Says:

    How about Camila Vallejo, Chilean student leader and the number 4 political figure in Chile in terms of popularity according to surveys?

  3. Louise Says:

    The BBC site says: “Some of the women who have made the headlines in 2011”. As I understand it, these are not women crowned ‘women of the year’, they are the ones that made the headlines. So, this list could be a reflection of how poorly women have achieved this year. More likely, of course, it is a reflection of the kind of press women get. Almost marrying a prince is apparently newsworthy in Britain. In December the news only covered men and a bear.

  4. hippocampa Says:

    Not sure what you think of this, but I don’t think a panda qualifies as a woman. As a female, yes, but not a woman. I am probably speciesist or how do you write that.

  5. annejjacobson Says:

    There is some precedent; see here, where Rachel Alexandra and another horse make the top ten female athletes of the year.

    Two wrongs definitely don’t make a right, but in this case, they make a third and fourth more likely. Most unfortunately.

    And I really like Pandas and horses, for what it’s worth.

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