Good place for critical race theory and postcolonial studies?

Query from a reader:

I am a regular reader of this blog, and I’d like to appeal to my fellow readers for some advice.

I am currently finishing my dissertation, and I have my mind set on preparing a new project at the intersection of political philosophy, critical race theory and postcolonial studies. The latter two fields are quite new to me, and I am thinking it might be a good idea for me to consider a research stay abroad at an institution which has faculty who are specialized in these fields. I am thinking of the US/Canada, but I would welcome any other suggestions (my impression is that in continental Europe these fields are fairly underdeveloped, but I might just be very ill-informed).

It would be great if these places would have a vibrant feminist community as well :) (I am trained in philosophy and women’s studies)

I am hoping that my fellow readers might come up with some names of institutions/scholars that would be a good place to go (and that might be interested in a visiting scholar)

3 thoughts on “Good place for critical race theory and postcolonial studies?

  1. My advice might be too English-based, but I thought I’d reply anyway in case any of this is relevant. Other people will probably be more useful! Feel free to get in touch on my email or twitter if you think I can be of further help.

    The English department at York is strong on postcolonial studies, and they are happy to let you get on with work that seems only tangentially ‘literary’ (if their toleration of my PhD research is anything to go by), as well as to work with peoples in other departments. For my MA there I could do modules in the philosophy department. Leeds also has a centre for postcolonial studies that spans departments. I did a postcolonial studies MA in at York, but my other MA consideration was Gender Studies at SOAS, which looked like an excellent place to study political philosophy and theories of race. Before this I was in Philosophy and English at Nottingham; their Philosophy department was good for political philosophy but didn’t have anyone studying race. I wouldn’t know whether any of these places take on visiting scholars, I’m afraid.

    It’s a fair bet that London is going to be good for feminism, Leeds has an active feminist scene, York has a good student women’s committee and a Women’s Studies department but not much going on off-campus, although it is near to Sheffield, which is AWESOME (but I would say that…I live there and helped put on last month’s Sheffield Ladyfest).

    Good luck finding a home for your project, I’m sure only fascinating things can come from an intersection of three of my favourite topics.

  2. I would strongly recommend you get in touch with Dr. Tommy Curry at Texas A&M University.

    or Dr. Paul Taylor at Penn State

    or Dr. Charles Mills at Northwestern University

    or Dr. Lucius Outlaw at Vanderbilt University

    or Dr. Kathyrn Gines at Penn State University

    or Dr. George Yancy at Duquesne University

    or Dr. Naomi Zack at the University of Oregon

    or Dr. Shannon Sullivan at Penn State University

    And there are many more where those came from. I think these are enough to at least begin talking to the right people about your interests. Good luck!

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