France’s Woman of the Year: Mme DSK

See here. She was so chosen by the readers of Terrafemina, an online ‘women’s magazine”.

What can one say? She stood by a man, hardly even her man, from what one can tell. (This reflection reminds me of Hilary Clinton’s insistence that she was not Tammy Wynette ‘standing by her man.’. That may have been true in a very literal sense I at least didn’t see at the time.)

As the Guardian reminds us, the case is made worse by the competition. “Anne Sinclair’s ‘woman of the year’ award is a repulsive deceit. It is bizarre and depressing that French women have voted for Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s wife over Christine Lagarde,” who is DSK’s successor at the IMF.

6 thoughts on “France’s Woman of the Year: Mme DSK

  1. If Hillary hadn’t supported Bill back then, she would not be Secretary of State today. She had to do it to show her party loyalty.

    Who knows what political ambitions Mme DSK has?

  2. I just looked it up; HC said on TV, “I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by her man. I’m sitting here because I love him and I respect him.”

    S. wallerstein, one might be tempted to vote for the panda.

  3. Hillary Clinton has, as Secretary of State, justified the foreign policy of the Obama Administration, which is basically a continuation of that of Bush: the extrajudicial assassination of Bin Laden, the drones, the violation of the territorial integrity of Pakistan, new U.S. military bases in Colombia, 100% support for Israel, the continued existence of Guantánamo, etc.

    Wasn’t it Hillary, who during her primary campaign, bragged that we can annihilate Iran if we want to?

    She is a very able lawyer and knows what to say in order to obtain her political ends, but I would hardly expect the kind of strict ethical reflection that one can find in this blog from her.

    I admire her political skill and she is hardly the worst option in the menu of U.S. politics, but she is not Rosa Luxemberg or Simone de Beauvoir.

  4. Hillary was never the little woman standing by her man, their marriage was and is a partnership of two ambitious people, and from what I little I know of Mrs. DSK, I think it’s a similar situation. Here’s the classic Hillary joke: Hillary goes to her high school reunion where she runs into Tom, her first boyfriend who is now the school’s janitor. Tom: “Just think Hillary, if we had stayed together, you’d be the wife of a janitor.” Hillary’s reply: “Just think Tom, if we had stayed together, you’d be president of the United States.”

    It’s still pathetic that she was chosen as woman of the year.

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