6 thoughts on “Indian inventor works to produce affordable sanitary products

  1. Hmm – rather than disposables, why not something like the Mooncup? Of course it needs clean water to be a viable option, it has an upfront cost, and it might not generate the jobs – but it’s astounding Mooncups and the like haven’t caught on more quickly.

  2. The mooncup has never appealed to me, I find tampons already too intrusive. I can well understand why they never caught on.
    Great story this!

  3. Unless there is a sink in the stall, I don’t really see the mooncups as a feasible solution. I know some make it work, but I am guessing that it depends very much on a woman’s particular menstrual flow.

  4. Anyway, good for him! I wonder if there are some communities in the U.S. or other countries that would benefit from his machine.

  5. People might enjoy some of Slavenka Drakulic’s discussion of related issues in her great book of essays, _How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed_. (_Cafe Europa_ is my favorite of Drakulic’s books, but they are all, to my mind, very good.)

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