Surging santorum

It occurs to me that non-US readers may not realise the significance of Rick Santorum’s near-tie with Mitt Romney in the Republican Iowa caucus. Rick Santorum opposes not only abortion but contraception. And when we say “opposes abortion”, we mean even in cases of rape or to save a mother’s life. No exceptions. Well, actually one exception: if the life being saved is his wife’s. Then it’s different. And he’s so homophobic that Dan Savage held a contest to come up with something repulsive that could be named ‘santorum’. Then he and the gay activist troops made sure that made it to number one on google. So go ahead, make your day. Google ‘santorum’.

(Thanks, Jender-Mom. Your rants made me do this post.)

Women historians of philosophy list: help needed

Lisa Shapiro writes:

Donald Rutherford and I (Lisa Shapiro) have been compiling a resource of women working across the history of philosophy, from the ancients through to the early twentieth century, in the English speaking world. The aim is pretty straightforward:to make it easier for those planning conferences, edited volumes, speakers on panels, and the like, to think of women to invite. However, the method has been somewhat less than perfect. We’ve used the internet to go through what we hope is a comprehensive list of departments in Australasia, Canada and the UK, but that kind of comprehensiveness is simply not possible for the US. The first run has taken the PGR top 50, but it is clear that lots of women historians of philosophy working in the US have been left out. There’s no way we are going to be able to be comprehensive with regard to the US, but we think we can do better. But rather than simply rely on who comes to our own minds, we’d like to ask for help.

You can find the draft document here. And please note that it is a DRAFT. No doubt there will lots of room for improvement, but this is a start. There are tabs for each geographical region. If you see that someone obvious is missing, please send an email with as much information as possible (email; general area of the history of philosophy; specializations) to fill in the spreadsheet to

Our general taxonomy (for better or worse) has been : Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance, Early Modern, Kant, German Idealism, Other (which gets fleshed out in the specialization section).

Why Invest in Women?

“Aid programs that provide women opportunities to better their health, education, and well-being have effects far beyond a single individual. A woman multiplies the impact of an investment in her future by extending benefits to the world around her, creating a better life for her family and building a strong community.”

See USAID’s 50th Anniversary infographic here.

Calling senior scholars in M&E

I hope that some of you have noticed the still-advertised Canada Research Chair position (applications are being considered starting Jan. 15 but “competition remains open until filled”).  I hope that you consider yourself worthy of application.  Tier 1 scholars are an outstanding set, but some of the scholars you’ll recognize on the list of current CRCs in philosophy were not as world-famous when they applied as they are now.  Although Canadian applications are given priority, non-Canadian applications are considered on their merits and not just dismissed by virtue of being non-Canadian.  At this stage, one need not even have referees’ letters at the ready, just three names to submit as recommenders.