An Orthodox Rabbi Discusses his Support for Gay Rights

Not a month goes by without a young person just out of the closet — or sometimes that person’s shocked parents — contacting me in search of Orthodox leaders to respond credibly to their questions. It was this reality that was on my mind as I confronted the backlash to a same-sex commitment ceremony I performed last November. In response, 100 rabbis signed a statement censuring me. While these rabbis may prefer to foist this challenge upon me, the truth is that, as rabbis, we are all responsible for the conflict between present halachic norms and the real lives of people. We are all responsible for the gay and lesbian kids who are growing up in Orthodox communities and want a future. And I am not the only Orthodox rabbi who believes so.

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2 thoughts on “An Orthodox Rabbi Discusses his Support for Gay Rights

  1. Interesting. In his discussion of celibacy and abstinence (often conflated though not the same thing of course), I wonder to what extent he is influenced by the lack of a Jewish tradition of sexual abstinence for rabbinim and kohenim.

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