The Gendered Radio Campaign

Well, that’s my pet name for it. Jane Martinson and Kira Cochrane have noticed that the BBC’s flagship news show, Today, typically has 16-17% women on it, and that whole topics (including abortion) and even whole days go by without a single female voice. So they’re launching a campaign:

So, in the spirit of helpfulness and a desire to change the status quo, send in the worst examples in comments here and, if the comments close before another blog is up, email with “Today” in the subject field. With luck, and a bit of effort, perhaps the BBC will recognise that the issue does cause concern. It could even help next time there’s a vacancy on its flagship radio programme. At the very least, they could just invite a few more women on. Will you help?

Also, join the Time for Change, Today campaign here.

Thanks, H!

Vulva 101

A terrific antidote to the trend of labial cosmetic surgery and women’s shame about female bodies, there’s now a new Canadian coffee table picture book called Vulva 101.

From the book’s website: “Designed to help women who have concerns about the appearance of their own, Vulva 101 features closeup photos of one hundred and one women’s vulvas, ranging from 18 to 65 years old. Each page focuses on one woman’s vulva from three different angles. It also highlights the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the women involved, and the natural, unique beauty of the female form.”

A review of the book by Dr. Marty Klein, Sexual Intelligence blog, also highlights the history of picture books of women’s genitalia.

Thanks AZ.

CFP: Society for Analytical Feminism 2012

CFP:  Conference of the Society for Analytical Feminism

Special Conference Theme:

Take it to the Bridge:

Crossing between Analytic and Continental Feminist Philosophies

October 4-7, 2012

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

 Submission deadline: May 30, 2012

Take it to the bridge: 1. (In music) A phrase that connotes a change of key, a connecting but distinctive series of notes

The Society for Analytical Feminism invites long abstracts (1000-1500 words) on all topics in feminist philosophy.  Analytical approaches to feminist topics are happily invited as usual.

In addition, special consideration will be given to abstracts that bridge feminist analytical and continental approaches, including the history of the analytic/continental “divide” in philosophy, mutually informing applications of analytic and continental philosophical methods to specific questions, analyses of the work of philosophers who bridge analytic and continental traditions or of collaborations between analytic and continental philosophers, methodological debates about the study of philosophy, including the value of different traditions, theoretical accounts of pluralism in philosophy.

Plenary speakers

Brooke Ackerly, Vanderbilt University

Amy Allen, Dartmouth College

Samantha Brennan, University of Western Ontario

Sharon Crasnow, Norco College

Heidi Grasswick, Middlebury College

Kelly Oliver, Vanderbilt University

Anita Superson, University of Kentucky

Naomi Zack, University of Oregon

Submission information

Send abstract in MSWord as an attachment via email to the chair of the program committee: safcon2012 [at] gmail [dot] com.  Please delete self-identifying information from abstract. Include in body of e-mail: name, title, contact information, and, if applicable, institutional affiliation.

For questions about local arrangements, including accessibility, at Vanderbilt University, contact Marilyn Friedman:

marilyn.friedman [at]vanderbilt [dot] edu

Generous support for the conference has been provided by the Philosophy Department and the Dean of Arts & Sciences of Vanderbilt University.