7 thoughts on “Olivia’s Invention Workshop

  1. All of Olivia’s tools are purple; just some of the cabinetry and such is pink (though most is blue). She can use them to stab and/or bludgeon Pixar’s trademark attorneys when they come sniffing around asking what WALL-E is doing in her workshop!

  2. Yeah except there are tons of pink and purple, and the fig has feminine forms and is a special kind of lego type. (Looking more like a doll than a regular lego, also absolutely feminine).

    The only childhood legos for girls where pink and in light colors with horses and un bar to drink something. I hated them. Pink + horses + stupid romantic stuffs = girl !?!
    Lego is a big box of pieces to make spaceship, castles, homes, kitchen, animals, towns, etc.

    Yes, it’s cute. Yes, it’s a girl doing math, like barbie doing informatic.
    But it’s like… They have released a little bit of the leash we have around the neck, just to make us angry women happy without disturbing patriarchy. (Because there are lots of women in science, so the doll is clearly not challenging anything but the reality.)

    Oh. And as a scientist. YOU DON’T COME BAREFOOT IN A LAB !!! And i’ve never seen any scientist – male or female – writing little hearts next to math. (And you usually don’t do microscops and robotics together, that’s not the same scale.)

    As a kid, i would probably have enjoyed the pieces, but i don’t think i could have used that doll. I would have built a secret basis around it =D

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