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The Gendered Radio Campaign January 10, 2012

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Well, that’s my pet name for it. Jane Martinson and Kira Cochrane have noticed that the BBC’s flagship news show, Today, typically has 16-17% women on it, and that whole topics (including abortion) and even whole days go by without a single female voice. So they’re launching a campaign:

So, in the spirit of helpfulness and a desire to change the status quo, send in the worst examples in comments here and, if the comments close before another blog is up, email women@guardian.co.uk with “Today” in the subject field. With luck, and a bit of effort, perhaps the BBC will recognise that the issue does cause concern. It could even help next time there’s a vacancy on its flagship radio programme. At the very least, they could just invite a few more women on. Will you help?

Also, join the Time for Change, Today campaign here.

Thanks, H!


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