The Gendered Radio Campaign

Well, that’s my pet name for it. Jane Martinson and Kira Cochrane have noticed that the BBC’s flagship news show, Today, typically has 16-17% women on it, and that whole topics (including abortion) and even whole days go by without a single female voice. So they’re launching a campaign:

So, in the spirit of helpfulness and a desire to change the status quo, send in the worst examples in comments here and, if the comments close before another blog is up, email with “Today” in the subject field. With luck, and a bit of effort, perhaps the BBC will recognise that the issue does cause concern. It could even help next time there’s a vacancy on its flagship radio programme. At the very least, they could just invite a few more women on. Will you help?

Also, join the Time for Change, Today campaign here.

Thanks, H!