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Vulva 101 January 10, 2012

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A terrific antidote to the trend of labial cosmetic surgery and women’s shame about female bodies, there’s now a new Canadian coffee table picture book called Vulva 101.

From the book’s website: “Designed to help women who have concerns about the appearance of their own, Vulva 101 features closeup photos of one hundred and one women’s vulvas, ranging from 18 to 65 years old. Each page focuses on one woman’s vulva from three different angles. It also highlights the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the women involved, and the natural, unique beauty of the female form.”

A review of the book by Dr. Marty Klein, Sexual Intelligence blog, also highlights the history of picture books of women’s genitalia.

Thanks AZ.


4 Responses to “Vulva 101”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Debra Fenn Says:

    Where can the book be purchased?

  3. Sam Says:

    “Now available at Good For Her in Toronto — Shipping in Canada, US and internationally. For volume discounts, review or desk copies please contact: info@vulva101.comhttp://vulva101.com/

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