Resisting matriliny in Meghalaya

When I teach courses cross-listed in Women and Gender Studies, I get the unusual pleasure of students recommending reading to me that I wouldn’t otherwise do in philosophy.  So my thanks to Drew for sending me the link to this story about men agitating for change in a matrilineal society. As with patriliny, the babies who will carry the family name are received with a special enthusiasm, and are assumed to have more trustworthiness, granted more leadership.  It is a fascinating anthropological point.

2 thoughts on “Resisting matriliny in Meghalaya

  1. You should let me do my paper on this compared with Gilligan/Benhabib. It would seem to me that the women of this society may have little to no emphasis when considering morality from both the care and the justice perspective. I really want to investigate this further. I’ll at least blog on it :)

  2. You rotten kids! :-) Kidding, but seriously, you can’t fit everything that’s interesting into one paper. As an illustrative example, though, it’s worth serious extra brownie points made out of chocolate brownies.

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