Fathers on the tenure track

A new study, of tenure-track men who are sharing parenting responsibilities. Amongst the findings:

One of the more surprising findings from the study was that faculty fathers generally weren’t familiar with institutional support designed to help support employees with young children, regardless of gender. Even after being informed of family-friendly policies, most of the dads were reluctant to take advantage of policies like stopping the tenure clock.

“Most respondents didn’t elaborate on why they weren’t taking advantage of family-friendly benefits,” said Reddick. “The data suggests that there’s more than a little awkwardness involved when you’re a dad and you ask for leave to take care of children. The respondents also brought their own perceptions of the role of an academic father to their departments, and for some, they felt it just sounded like an excuse.”

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3 thoughts on “Fathers on the tenure track

  1. O dear! Another cultural change to effect.
    Mind you, in some fields, I think both parents are reluctant to lose a lot of time.

    And then there are the deans or provosts who think that people on parental leave should produce more than the standard amount needed for tenure. Yes, they exist!

  2. My University offered parental leave which I took (twice)- it delayed my tenure clock. Unfortunately, I think one or more of my external tenure letters held it against me (that I hadn’t published more given the extra time I’d been on the tt). In the end, my department’s view prevailed and I got tenure. But I think one has to be realistic about the perception of such things.

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