5 thoughts on “Percentage women in graduate admissions pool?

  1. I have the feeling the boat has sprung another leak! All that effort by so many different women. I hope it wasn’t just too late.

  2. Wow, the data fledging philosophy is truly appalling. Let’s hope it is a fluke of the sample size or we are in really big trouble. If others could post data they have access to, we might get a better sense of the size of the problem

  3. Is the number of female philosophy undergraduates steady?
    If this is falling,then I would find it natural for the number of MA and PhD applicants to fall in subsequent years.

    Maybe all these women go to Law School now. Or X-Factor.

  4. The numbers on female philosophy undergraduates are focused on in a Hypatia article coming out soon, but having heard a presentation on it at a conference before it was submitted, I recall that the proportion of women in introductory classes is in keeping with their population (50%, give or take), then falls off sharply in what the authors called an “intro cliff,” or perhaps it was “intro-major cliff.” (I’ll post on the article more sensibly once it is out.)

    I do not find attrition natural, but in the spirit of what Andreas likely meant, it is at least predictable. In one somewhat depressing sense, it would be more surprised if there was a level at which philosophers suddenly redoubled their efforts to engage and retain women as students. But since profession-population is not natural, I take comfort in the possibility that it can therefore be changed!

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