France’s psychoanalytic approach to autism: Watch and weep?

The clip below is actually a documentary that looks at the difference between two kinds of treatment of children diagnosed as autistic.  One is receiving “American” interventions and one receiving the standard (in France) psychoanalytic approach.

The film has been the subject of lawsuits, with some analysts interviewed claiming that they are misrepresented.  For more, see the NY Times.

When you watch it, don’t miss the alligator as the mother, apparently a la Lacan.  The discussion of what the pencil represents is wonderful.  One would love a psychoanallytic account of who arrived at the idea of the father’s putting his penis in the alligator’s mouth.  Hmmm.  New paper:  why Freud hated men.


Inspiring work by grassroots organizations and the wonderful people (local and otherwise) who do the work, who make it happen, who “advance the health, safety, and well being of women… WE ADVANCE models an inclusive grassroots approach with a movement that collaborates with both other organizations and women from every socio-economic class. WE ADVANCE is a rights- and community-based participatory program. We empower women’s minds, bodies and spirits and enable them to discover their own needs and priorities, benefiting the entire community. WE ADVANCE brings in volunteer experts to train local community leaders in the aspects of health, safety and education. WE ADVANCE’s goal is to, in the near future, leave our programs in the hands of Haitian women, the women who know best what they need and how to make it a reality.”


The news piece at the link below by actress and activist Maria Bello (from about one year ago) arguably highlights some of the important differences between certain kinds of institutionalized, elite human rights work/advocacy and organizations, on the one hand, and local, grassroots (oriented) individuals and organizations, on the other hand.

How to ADVANCE Our Money in Haiti

And some additional important and relevant words by Bello (from about one year later):

Two Years Later — Reimagining Haiti

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