APA Prize

The American Philosophical Association has a number of prizes and awards including the Article Prize, details below:


Summary: The APA alternates giving an award to the best article and book published in the previous two years.

Process: Must be nominated by two APA members other than the author. Author must be a “younger scholar.” The winners will be selected by a committee appointed by the Chair of the Committee on Lectures, Publications, and Research, in consultation with LPR committee members.

Frequency: The Article Prize is awarded every other year in even years. Deadline for nominations is March 15, 2012.

Award Amount: $2,000 for the Article Prize

Submission Procedures

Nominations are opened every other spring for the Article Prize for that year (2012, 2014, 2016, etc.). Articles published in the prior two years are eligible. Thus, for 2012, the prize will be awarded to an article published in 2010 or 2011. (Eligibility is governed by the volume year of the journal, regardless of the date on which the issue containing the nominated article actually appeared in print.)

The prize is awarded for an article written by a “younger scholar.” A “younger scholar” means the author was 40 years of age or younger in the year of the volume in which the article appears, or the author received his or her Ph.D. 10 years or less before that year. The winner must be a member in good standing of the APA.

To be considered for the prize, an article must be nominated by two members of the APA other than the author. A member may nominate only one article. Nominations should identify the author, title, journal, volume number, year, and page numbers. The APA will contact nominated authors for assurances of eligibility and to secure copies of the nominated article. Nominations must be received by March 15, 2012 for the 2012 award.

Send nomination letters to:
Linda Nuoffer lnuoffer@udel.edu

The winner of the award will receive $2000 and be presented with the prize at the Eastern Division Meeting of the Association.

5 thoughts on “APA Prize

  1. I read that as an “or.” So you must either be under 40 or within 10 years of receiving your PhD. Fulfilling either condition means you count as a young scholar for the purposes of the award, I think. So in theory a 90 year old with a new PhD counts as a young scholar…

  2. Oh, ha! You mean you read that “or” that’s actually in the text, which I missed, as an or? Thanks Sam!

  3. Why mention age at all, though? There are some people who have had their PhD for more than 10 years but who are less than 40. Why do they still count as “younger scholars”? It seems like years in the discipline is what is relevant.

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