One More Gender Stereotype Smashed to Bits

Women are better at parking than men, contrary to common belief.

“Stereotyped views on driving have been shaken after new research that finds women are more efficient parkers than men. The experiment, conducted by UK’s National Car Parks, showed that women’s spatial awareness has been underrated, or perhaps that males’ spatial awareness has been overrated.” More here: Women Top Men in Parking Skills, UK Study Asserts.

Men were, however, happier with their parking job than were women (even though objectively it was worse) and generally more confident about their abilities.

5 thoughts on “One More Gender Stereotype Smashed to Bits

  1. My wife just failed her practical UK driving test for the 3rd time in a row.
    One of these failures was for reverse parking.

    I am afraid she will spend all of her savings trying to retake and retake this test until eternity.

  2. Andreas Moser, you know the UK test is notoriously difficult? In England, driving is a privilege, not a right. Furthermore, you do the test often with an incredibly grumpy assessor sitting next to you, who obviously thinks you are incompetent, and who registers every tiny thing with some bodily shudder. Hands not perfectly positions? Shudder, frown, frown.

    Well, that was my experience. Could be it is much worse for women.

    I was coming over to the post to remark that the skeptical male gaze really can do a number on one’s abilities in driving. Just try parking with someone next to you who is braced stiff and gazing wildly about in case he needs to escape quickly.

    We have an almost crmininally narrow drive way and if someone – partner, painter, whatever – stands at the top while I try to back down, it takes me 2 or 3 times as long to do it.

    I propose that there is a driving analogue to what this post discussed:

  3. I’m really good at backing a car into a parking slot–but that’s it. Regular curb parking? I’ve been driving 40 years and still can’t park worth a damn. Rub the curb or stand a foot from it. My sense of spatial distance of the car from objects just has always really sucked. Believe me, I’m one guy disabused of a belief that he can park just about every time I attempt to do so.

  4. > Men were, however, happier with their parking job than were women (even though objectively it was worse) and generally more confident about their abilities. <

    ohwell, methinks, welcome to the soc. Dunning-Kruger-effect :)(

    // ok, as far as i know parking-a-car is e.g. considered as "moving a 3 dimensional object in a 3 dimensional space" //

    honestly, i have not delved into the details of this "survey" yet. but/nevertheless, these women/men this/that constantly baffle me (even though i am a senior civil engineer in a "mans world") and constantly remind me of 1st semester uni lecture statistics. hm.

    // YelP. i am/mustbe/my brain is a man. i have been parking whatever-manual-stick-shift-cars (front/left/right/reverse/van/porsche/mini/station wagon…) for more than 30 years now (still counting) on different continents/countries //
    incl. e.g. having taken my "original/native driving license" taken away and starting all-over when living in the US …
    and i am so happy/grateful that further research is done and published on this topic ;)

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