Books we’re excited about

I’ve just heard about the newly released book, Neurofeminism. Table of contents:

Introduction; R.Bluhm, A.J.Jacobson & H.Maibom
The Politics of Pictured Reality: Locating the Object from Nowhere in fMRI; L.Meynell
What, If Anything, Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Gender Differences?; G.Hoffman
In a Different Voice?; H.Maibom
The Role of Fetal Testosterone in the Development of ‘The Essential Difference’ Between the Sexes: Some Essential Issues; G.Grossi & C.Fine
Hardwired for Sexism? Approaches to Sex/Gender in Neuroscience; R.M.Jordan-Young & R.I.Rumiati
Re-Queering the Brain; A.Kaiser & I.Dussauge
Situated Neuroscience: Exploring Biologies of Diversity; G.Einstein
Cosmopolitics and the Brain: The Co-Becoming of Practices in Feminism and Neuroscience; D.Roy
Beyond Neurosexism: Is it Possible to Defend the Female Brain?; R.Bluhm
Seeing as a Social Phenomenon: Feminist Theory and the Cognitive Sciences; A.J.Jacobson
Linking Neuroscience, Medicine, Gender and Society through Controversy and Conflict Analysis: A ‘Dissensus Framework’ for Feminist/Queer Brain Science Studies; C.Kraus

Can’t wait to read it! What new books can’t you wait to read?

4 thoughts on “Books we’re excited about

  1. Jender, thanks so much. I am deeply sorry about the price, over which I had no control.

    “Neurofeminism” may have had its first even public appearance on this blog, with our cfp. I was following on Cordelia Fine’s “neurosexism.” She is a contributor to the volume, for those who didn’t notice that.

    I am deeply pleased to say that Cordelia will be discussing her Delusions of Gender at the APA 2013 central division meeting. She goes on to the UK for a debate with Simon Baron-Cohen.

  2. Edouard, many thanks. Congrats should go to my co-editors who were wonderful.

    I just heard about Cordelia, Edouard, and now owe you a letter…which I’ll send tomorrow.

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