Affirmative action, math, and women’s participation

From the arts technica blog: “A new study indicates that policy-based initiatives can increase women’s participation and competitiveness in math and the quality of the resulting work. The particular experiment performed by Loukas Balafoutas and Matthias Sutter, released February 2 by Science, involved three methods that provided an initial advantage to women in a math competition. The authors found that, in each case, women entered the competitions more readily, but the aggregate performance of the participants was unaffected, and sometimes even improved.”

Read “Affirmative action for women in math contests boosts participation without dropping results”here.

The study itself is in Science, 2012. DOI: 10.1126/science.1211180.

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One thought on “Affirmative action, math, and women’s participation

  1. I honestly don’t at all understand how that experiment was conducted, the way it’s described there. How can you have a quota for the number of female *winners*?

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