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  1. I was a bit worried when I first started to look at the images…How did the Trent Kelley know for sure that all these images were of gay men? Then I was this on his page.

    “Some of these images are sure to be gay and others may not. The end result is speculative at best for want in applying a label. Not every gesture articulated between men was an indication of male to male intimacies. Assuredly, what all photographs in this book have in common are signs of Afro American male affection and love that were recorded for posterity without fear and shame. Friendships where men often wrote romantically to one another, walked arm in arm were not uncommon to the straight and gay men alike during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Depending on economic situation, many even slept together and this may have precluded or included physical intimacy between the sheets.”

    Just because you take a photograph with someone does not make you partners, lovers or gay. But a very interesting collection all the same, thanks for sharing

  2. I’m uneasy about the site, vice.com. I looked around for a few minutes, trying to think why I thought it had the wrong sort of edges. Then I found this revolting article. Not that one can judge the whole thing by one piece, but it shouldn’t be out there:

    Unilad.com, if you don’t know, is a site run by and for male students around the country [UK] full of advice about football and sex. It’s like Loaded, but without a legal department. Over the last few days everyone’s been getting in a right old state about an article on UniLad.com which encouraged men to rape women. As such, the internet is currently in the middle of an ethical debate – is it right to encourage male students to think raping women is funny?

    God knows there are great arguments on both side. For example, the Quietus makes a good case against the trivialisation of rape, here, while this guy makes a compelling argument in favour of Uni Lad’s unique brand of boundary-pushing, in-your-face misogyny.

    But the real issue is being missed here. There’s a genuine threat that the furore surrounding one controversial article is going to distract Britain from the rest of Uni Lad’s content. And that would be the real rape.

    Nothing quite like boundary-pushing, in-you-face misogyny. And encouraging men to rape women? Why, don’t let that distract you.

    Please, there’s enough in my life aleady.

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