Now that’s an apology! A lesson for Komen

In a comment on the post on lovely pictures , I noted that the site,, had a revolting article on what a shame it was that another site took so much heat for encouraging men to rape women.  The other site is is a site run by UK university men and it’s apparently a lot about football.  Curiosity got the better of me, so I went over to the site just to see.   What I encountered is some apology all right!

Komen Foundation, look at a good way to make an apology that people will believe.  In your case, replacing those behind the decision not to fund Planned Parenthood would be a similar apology.

Enough on Komen from me!

3 thoughts on “Now that’s an apology! A lesson for Komen

  1. No it wasn’t an apology. They were forced to come off line due to an avalanche of criticim via twitter. The fact that one of the writers saw that they were on a hiding to nothing and pasted the mea culpa was not a represtative act of the group of writers per se. The creator of the site is being discplined by his University – whatever that might mean but checkout their facebook page and you will see their misogynist ranting continues unabated. [Sigh]

  2. YC-N, i think an apology can’t be forced or insincere. As such, it can be a model for a form of apology.

  3. For what it’s worth, the Vice article you cite was intended to make fun of Unilad. The supposed link to a pro-Unilad argument actually links to a trailer for a movie about Ted Bundy, and the list of ostensibly funny content from Unilad is sarcastic, meant to show how terrible their misogynistic ‘humor’ is.

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