Interviews, clothes, biases?

A query from a reader:

I have a job interview coming up and I have been thinking about what to wear! Normally I know that women tend to wear a skirt and jacket, or a dress. But I have been wondering whether this may disadvantage the applicant, by triggering (conscious and unconscious) biases against women. I was wondering if you knew of anything written on this, or have any views on the matter. I think women think they should look ‘nice’, while feminine clothes may distract or convey a certain lack of professionalism. So I am thinking of trousers and a shirt! But was just wondering if you have any thoughts on this.

Anyone know of relevant studies?

The Sunday cat Is truly intrigued

Someone might use belittling words like “excessive,” but the Sunday Cat takes a wider view. Particularly when reading the following from the NY Times:

Karen Shirk operates a dog-training school in Xenia, Ohiob… We waded into a crowd of bouncing ecstatic Papillons — toy dogs whose wide, silky ears inspired the breed’s name, the French word for “butterfly.” Though she stepped away only a moment earlier, the dozen little dogs rejoiced as if they’d feared never seeing her again: some spun in excitement, others leapt onto her desk and one tap-danced along the computer keyboard. They raised their pointed little faces and emitted high-pitched yips of hallelujah. When Shirk, who is 49, reached her desk chair, they settled on the floor at her feet, folded up their ears like kites and watched her. When she laughed, they took out their ears and waved them around.

Could one actually react like that? Hmmmm. Youtube suggests it is possible; here is a papillon who is offered the opportunity to go outside:

The next is a more informative view about the breed: