A different perspective on sexuality and disability

If the Sundance Channel’s new program “Push Girls” doesn’t strike you as the best or most inclusive portrayal of disabled bodies, you might be interested in the work being done by Sins Invalid:

Sins Invalid: An Unshamed to Beauty in the Face of Invisibility (aka “Sins”) is a San Francisco/Bay Area based performance project that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and queer and gender-variant artists as communities who have been historically marginalized.  For the last five years, our performance work has explored themes of sexuality, embodiment, and the disabled body to sold-out audiences.

They’re currently fundraising for a film that will help transmit their work to those who can’t make it to the Bay Area to see the live performance. You can view the kickstarter page for the project here. The fundraising deadline is imminent, so go check it out!