Anyone want to take a survey?

Helen De Cruz writes:

I would be very grateful if readers could fill out the following, very brief survey:
It will take only about three minutes of your time. The survey is part of my current project on cognitive science and natural theology. The aim is to get a better idea of how philosophers today evaluate natural theological arguments for or against the existence of God. Note that you do not need to be a philosopher of religion or a faculty member to complete this survey. I will post a digest of the results in a few weeks. The survey will be active until I have gathered a predetermined number of responses that would allow for statistically robust results or until two weeks have elapsed.

Helen has posted this survey on a few other philosophy blogs, but so far the percentage of female respondents has been disappointingly low. Go help her out!

5 thoughts on “Anyone want to take a survey?

  1. Done. There were a few arguments whose titles are starting to drift into the fog in my grey matter after over a year as a non-student. I thought about pausing to google, but the point was probably to gather our off-the-cuff answers, right? I marked “not familiar”, even tho my gut was telling me that those arguments were probably among the ones my first year prof taught so badly that I blocked them like a bad smell.

    If you’d like, I visit several atheist blogs, political blogs, sex workers’ rights blogs and news blogs. You could probably get a good representative sample that way. Would you like me to ask around and see if any of them would like me to link you? Email me with your answer. Thanx.

  2. Dear Xena, unfortunately I can’t find your e-mail address, sorry!
    If you like to ask around that would be great. My target group are philosophers, but given that I’m getting quite some non-philosophers as well it might be fun to compare.

  3. Ok, Helen. I thought the post was from one of the people who have access to my email address when I log in. Some of the atheist blogs I visit have a very diverse following, from PhD’s to computer geeks to nannies. 10% 20% of the commenters on many of the posts are religious folk who want to argue their side. Some are pastors.

    I was also pleasantly surprised by the level of discourse on one mixed blog, written by a former exotic dancer/history&theatre geek/writer/artist. Many of her commenters are religious. 2 that I can remember took undergrad courses in philosophy.

    Hugo Schwyzer has an interesting mix, too.

    I’ll ask around. Good luck :-)

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