6 thoughts on “Lovely crocheted hat for baby

  1. Genius! I couldn’t figure out from the link who, if anyone, is selling them though. I guess it would not be hard to make a knock-off but the original designer has definitely earned the commerce.

  2. well, a hundred years ago I was modestly nursing my son on the MTA, an officer said, Mam you will have to stop doing that here, so I did I pulled the child off my breast, closed my coat, and handed the screaming child to the cop, I said, here you feed him…. Know what, the officer, who was smart, handed John back to me, and said please resume feeding your child.

  3. I’m with Nemo! Subtle but in your face all at once! It amazes me how something so absolutely ordinary and necessary is controversial to some.

  4. Have you heard about this case? It is being appealed, I understand from the news.


    “Even if the company’s claim that she was fired for abandonment is meant to hide the real reason – she wanted to pump breast milk – lactation is not pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition,” the decision, provided in full to CBS Houston, stated. “She gave birth on December 11, 2009. After that day, she was no longer pregnant and her pregnancy-related conditions ended.

    So lactation is not a pregnancy-related medical condition? huh?

  5. Wish I would of had one 15+ years ago when I was nursing. Going to have to remember to make one of these for my daughter….IF I ever get blessed with a grandchild:)

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