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The Sunday Cat presents another perspective on getting a kitten February 11, 2012

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From Simon’s Cat:


Urinals for women: an old idea

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See Sociological Images blog post here for more information.


The Ammonius Foundation funds men

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The Ammonius Foundation is the subject of a recent article in Slate (hat tip: Brian Leiter).

The foundation gives out substantial “Foundational Grants” to support research in metaphysics and cognate fields. So far, these grants have only been given to men. The foundation also funds “Target  Investigation Grants” – though so far only one of these has been given out (to a man).

Alongside the more substantial grants, the foundation runs two annual prize schemes. The “Younger Scholars in Metaphysics” prize can at least boast one woman (Rachael Briggs) among its 10 recipients; both the winner of the “Younger Scholars in Philosophical Theology” have been men.

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Cynthia the inanimate 1930s superstar

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I have a longtime interest in the concept of treating things as people. But even if you don’t share my interest, you’ve got to be fascinated by this tale of Cynthia, a major 1930s celebrity, fixture of the trendy dinner parties and gossip columns of the day– who just happens to be a mannequin.

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