Cynthia the inanimate 1930s superstar

I have a longtime interest in the concept of treating things as people. But even if you don’t share my interest, you’ve got to be fascinated by this tale of Cynthia, a major 1930s celebrity, fixture of the trendy dinner parties and gossip columns of the day– who just happens to be a mannequin.

(Thanks, Mr Jender!)

6 thoughts on “Cynthia the inanimate 1930s superstar

  1. But she has her hat on! That was wrong at that time.

    Jender, I think I’ve asked before whether you’ve considered relics in the category of things as people. Also, icons are extremely interesting, since they are often thought to contain some of the being or presence of the one whose image they have.

    Perhaps the bread and wine as JC’s flesh and blood is the ultimate case.

  2. J-bro, that is very important. I want to record that I remember vividly gowing up with the remnants of that world in DC, and with tales of the earlier use my family made of maids in the south.

    I’m actually not sure why it seems to me important now that I lived in that symbiotic state, tho’ I think that dealing with it is a huge burden made easier by a permanent anger. Seriously, i used to think that when I was 70 I would be engulfed by flames of anger. It happened much earlier.

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