17 thoughts on “Philosophy, Got Women?

  1. Way cool. I assume this will come with some kind of legend on the back or something.

    Kind of depressing that so many of these likenesses are not only photographs, but color photographs at that.

  2. Is there a legend or a key somewhere? (I recognize a fair amount, but mostly only when I’ve seen the particular picture before, or someone is quite famous, like Angela Davis. It would be nice to know who everyone is.)

  3. Love the one of Mary Daly. Too bad Annette Baier is not included. Serious omission–one of only 4 women presidents of the APA when she took on that post!–but if we start down the omissions road, it’ll be a long one. And that’s a good thing– there are many wonderful women in philosophy who are not here, not just because the “bench” is deep, but also because the field is huge. Also, web presence seems to have mattered, and Baier, for one, has been without web images until recently. Nice job, Tasia.

  4. The CSW is working on a second version of this poster. Each photo will contain a small number and a legend will be provided right on the poster. Individuals and departments may choose which version they prefer (or get both, or get one for every department member’s door :) )The CSW is also working on creating new compilation photos for future posters. That way anyone who wishes to be included won’t be left out! If anyone wishes to be included in future compilation photos, please send your name and photo to apa.csw.mail@gmail.com. The CSW is also planning to launch its own website soon. I’ll keep you all posted!

  5. Dear Peggy,
    Can we submit images of historical figures for inclusion in future editions?

  6. I should add, also feel free to send the name and a photo of any women philosophers you think should be included (either historical or contemporary) in future images. I already have a list of 87 just off the top of my head. (There are 80 images on this poster). Send to apa.csw.mail@gmail.com

  7. Why not go medieval? Hildegard von Bingen, St. Catherine of Siena, Julian of Norwich … maybe Héloïse d’Argenteuil?

  8. I like the idea of medieval images on the next poster! I know the depictions won’t be photos, but I would like us to assert our persistent presence in philosophical endeavors. (Isn’t this fun, Peggy?)

  9. Oh my goodness, this is fabulous! Thank you, COSW! Do tell us when it is available for purchase, and I hope there will be a key. I’m embarrassed to say I immediately recognized only about a third of them.

  10. U.B.,

    If I’m not mistaken, Hannah Arendt’s picture is already on there, on the right-hand edge. Locate the fulsome ‘fro of Angela Davis, move one picture to the right, and then one picture down, and I think that’s a picture of Hannah Arendt in her latter years. I *think*.

  11. Is a high-resolution printable version of this available? I understand that selling this poster will generate some income, but it would be nice if student organisations could have quick and easy access to it, perhaps for a donation? I am a part of the student philsophy association at my university, and participate in first-year student mentoring, with the goal of reducing the number of female students who drop out of philosophy. Distributing, or at least making posters like these visible would be helpful. However, I’m not sure if our student association could afford to buy a large number of these, especially considering the cost of international shipping.

  12. We share your goal, Allie! I’m certain that a digital-printable version of this will eventually be available, though I couldn’t say exactly when. I’ll contact involved parties and post an update soon.

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