10 thoughts on “Interview with Hilde Lindemann

  1. Great quote: ” A few years ago I was at a metaethics workshop, and over breakfast a male colleague and I made a game of ranking the different specialties in philosophy according to how prestigious they were – a ranking with a precise inverse correlation to gender. Here’s the list we came up with:

    Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, and Metaphysics: The alpha-dominant philosophy, done by Real Men

    Epistemology and Philosophy of Science: Done by manly enough men

    Metaethics: Done by men who aren’t entirely secure in their masculinity

    Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy: Done by girls
    Bioethics: Done by stupid girls

    Feminist philosophy, of course, is not philosophy at all.

    All of which is to say, women don’t get much respect – in my language, their identities have been damaged. And the consequences can get pretty nasty.”

  2. My first reaction to the comment that “women don’t get much respect” is to suggest that they respect themselves.

    I know of no oppressed or submitted group which has resisted oppression by asking those with power to respect them.

    That’s illusory.

    Did Zionists (not much in fashion these days, I know) ask anti-semites to respect them?

    Actually, when you stand up to those who oppress you, they begin to respect you.

    I mean, why accept the conventional hierarchy of what branches of philosophy count?

  3. SW? Are you still around? Google says Para el gremio is a restaurant. Restaurant of philosophy? Smorgasbord of philosophy? What’s she saying?

  4. Hi Xena:

    “Para el gremio” means “for members of the profession”.

    I have to run, but greetings and un abrazo.

  5. Good post. Very interesting person. I took Hilde’s Narrative Ethics class when she was at Tennessee. Great class. She was also good around the department.

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