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Interview with Hilde Lindemann February 14, 2012

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called “No Ethics Without Feminism” is here.


10 Responses to “Interview with Hilde Lindemann”

  1. redeyedtreefrog Says:

    Great quote: ” A few years ago I was at a metaethics workshop, and over breakfast a male colleague and I made a game of ranking the different specialties in philosophy according to how prestigious they were – a ranking with a precise inverse correlation to gender. Here’s the list we came up with:

    Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, and Metaphysics: The alpha-dominant philosophy, done by Real Men

    Epistemology and Philosophy of Science: Done by manly enough men

    Metaethics: Done by men who aren’t entirely secure in their masculinity

    Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy: Done by girls
    Bioethics: Done by stupid girls

    Feminist philosophy, of course, is not philosophy at all.

    All of which is to say, women don’t get much respect – in my language, their identities have been damaged. And the consequences can get pretty nasty.”

  2. s. wallerstein Says:

    My first reaction to the comment that “women don’t get much respect” is to suggest that they respect themselves.

    I know of no oppressed or submitted group which has resisted oppression by asking those with power to respect them.

    That’s illusory.

    Did Zionists (not much in fashion these days, I know) ask anti-semites to respect them?

    Actually, when you stand up to those who oppress you, they begin to respect you.

    I mean, why accept the conventional hierarchy of what branches of philosophy count?

  3. xena Says:

    I think men who do ethics are hot. So are nipple-pierced men in PVC ;-)

  4. xena Says:

    Oops. That was supposed to be men who do Ethics are HOT.

  5. Karen Says:

    Thank you for sharing that. I’m not involved in philosophy but it was a very interesting interview to read.

  6. Para el gremio de la filosofía… ¿qué opináis?

  7. xena Says:

    SW? Are you still around? Google says Para el gremio is a restaurant. Restaurant of philosophy? Smorgasbord of philosophy? What’s she saying?

  8. s. wallerstein Says:

    Hi Xena:

    “Para el gremio” means “for members of the profession”.

    I have to run, but greetings and un abrazo.

  9. xena Says:

    Thanks, SW. A Boys’ Club. I get it.

  10. Clarence Says:

    Good post. Very interesting person. I took Hilde’s Narrative Ethics class when she was at Tennessee. Great class. She was also good around the department.

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