Philosophy of War and Peace Prize


Next deadline: March 15, 2012

This prize is awarded to the best unpublished essay or monograph on
the philosophy of war and peace submitted for the competition.
Process: The winning entry is selected by a committee of 3-6 members,
appointed by the Chair of the APA’s Committee on Lectures,
Publications, and Research, in consultation with LPR committee

Frequency: Every 2 years (odd years)

Award Amount: $1,500

The Frank Chapman Sharp Memorial Prize was established in 1990 with
funds donated by Eliot and Dorothy Sharp and several other members and
friends of the Sharp family to honor the memory of Eliot’s father.
Frank Chapman Sharp was President of the Western Division of the APA
in 1907-08 and was a member of the philosophy faculty at the
University of Wisconsin from 1893 until his retirement in 1936. Dr.
Sharp was born in 1866 and died in 1943.

Submission Procedures

APA Members and student associates are eligible to submit unpublished
essays or monographs for the prize. Manuscripts should be between
7,500 to 75,000 words (between 30 and 300 double-spaced typed pages),
and not published OR committed for publication at the time of the
award. Undergraduate entrants must be philosophy majors (or something
close); graduate students must be enrolled in, or on leave from, a
graduate program in philosophy. Authors must be members in good
standing of the APA. Send the paper (electronically) with the title
and author’s name and affiliation on a separate page. Any identifying
references in the body and footnotes of the manuscript should be
removed. Deadline for submission: March 15, 2012. Submissions should
be sent via email to: Linda Nuoffer ( with the
subject line: Sharp Memorial Prize.

Previous awardees:

2011 – Dr. Seth Lazar (University of Oxford), War and Associative Duties
2009 – No award given
2007 – Jeff McMahan, “The Morality and Law of War”
2005 – Larry May, “War Crimes and Just Wars”
2003 – James Bohman, “Punishment as an International Political
Obligation: Crimes Against Humanity and the Enforceable Right to
2001 – No award given
1999 – Brian Orend, “A Theory of War Termination”
1997 – David Rodin, “Self-Defense and War” **
1995 – No award given
1993 – No award given
1991 – Barry Gan, “Anti-Warism: A New Pacifist Perspective”

** Published November 2002 as “War and Self-Defense.”

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  1. So one of the things I’ve really enjoyed in the past few years is nominating other people for awards. It’s incredibly satisfying. Often there aren’t many people nominated and sometimes a track record of not giving awards to women reflects a history of few or no nominations for women. Let’s at least rob awards committees of that excuse by nominating lots of women!

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