4 thoughts on “Worst excuse ever.

  1. Really Mr. Santorum? What policies are you willing to support that would allow parents who aren’t as rich and successful as you and your wife to spend more time with their children? Do you support family leave policies? Would you consider increasing maternity/paternity leave? What about higher education? Many parents are saving to put kids through college, what policies are you willing to support to make that less of a burden? If your wife wrote part of your book, why didn’t you acknowledge her help? And why on earth do think the presence of a penis determines how fullfilling you find your job?

  2. So Santorum just admitted to plagiarism? Why is plagiarism okay if you’re married to the person whose work you stole?

  3. Gosh, it sounds as though he lives in some patriarchal world where the husband owns everything of the wife’s. Now, where did I hear that sermon…?? O, right, there’s that patriarchal form of Christianity that thinks only men are proper representations of Christ. And, wait for it, that’s Santorum’s religion!

  4. The painful bee ess of his view is that he criticizes radical feminism for being part of a culture that “that says, ‘The only thing that’s affirming, the only thing that really counts is what you do at work.’ ”

    He then added: “And that goes for men and women. And it’s wrong. It’s wrong to tell that to fathers. It’s wrong to tell that to mothers. And we need to value mothers and fathers spending time with their children much more than we do in America.” ”

    But this is not even close to radical feminism. ON the contrary, the note of dissent from these dominant masculine values has been a hallmark of many radical feminist works. The ding-dong is actually agreeing with some excellent feminist scholarship.

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