Death by a thousand cuts

Here’s a great piece by Jackie Leach Scully about the UK Government’s attack on welfare support for disabled people. She concludes,

Disabled people are right to be concerned about the practical impacts of government cuts, and right also to be worried about what government spin does to public perceptions of disability. At the heart of both of these is something even more worrying. The current prime minister has said “I passionately believe that the welfare system should be there to support the needy and most vulnerable in our society”, yet the actions of his government demonstrate clearly its willingness to reinforce the persistent idea that disabled people are not the most vulnerable in society, but just the most dispensable.

The Guardian data blog looks at who actually gets DLA (Disability Living Allowance) one of the crucial benefits under threat, and the “Spartacus Report” offers a detailed argument against the Government’s proposals. Our previous post on this suggested ways to take action.

2 thoughts on “Death by a thousand cuts

  1. It seems to be quite the fad: say one thing and do another. Romney says he’ll repair holes in the safety net for the poor in the USA. After he’s finished dismantling them, going by what else he says.

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