CSW Poster: Call for photos!

The APA Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) is creating posters and other merchandise that will soon be available for purchase at Cafe Press. The poster below is a mock-up of a series of at least three “Philosophy: Got Women?” posters that are currently under construction. Each of the three posters will have new and unique composite photos of women in philosophy. If you know of women philosophers (historical or contemporary) who you think should be included (including yourself!) in these composite photos, please send a high-quality image and corresponding name to apa.csw.mail@gmail.com. [updated to correct email address]

The deadline for submitting names with photos is March 15, 2012.

In addition, check out the new CSW website.

Montage of photos of women philosophers. Reads "Philosophy: Got Women?"

10 thoughts on “CSW Poster: Call for photos!

  1. O dear, Jender don’t tell me a link didn’t work!!

    I am so impressed by what the CSW is doing.
    Here’s a question others may have: What about women philosophers one knows about but for whom one doesn’t have a photo and doesn’t have any access to one.

  2. As a doctor reading this blog, I was confused, because I’m used to:

    APA = american psychiatric association, and
    CSW = commercial sex worker.

    Otherwise, a great idea!

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