3 thoughts on “New law requires women to paint nursery before abortion

  1. There is a fascinating discussion at ICCI by Pascal Boyer and others on why people would do things like this. Why do members of societies (mainly men) so vigorously try to control women’s reproduction, by forcing them to undergo unnecessary medical procedures prior to abortion? Why do they lash out at female members of their society who are dressed “immodestly” (e.g., bare arms) even if they are only 8 years old?

  2. the handmaidens Tale comes true, I’m getting frightened about our contry now, for real, this stuff is scary if your female, or have wives, daughters, grand daughters. sacry for men too, I think/hope, if they are aware of what’s ahppening to women, or care, and I know many, many of you do, so speak up.

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