Um. . .

Wow. Just. . .wow.

This (Update: see a screenshot of the original here – thanks Kieran!) is apparently the webpage for Vincent Hendricks’ logic course. Not that we’re trying to reinforce stereotypes of logic being for men or anything.

Now go put on your schoolgirl outfit and hand your manly logic teacher an apple. You are a sexy accessory to his awesomeness.

*Update*: The content of the page linked above has now been altered. But there are links to screenshots of the original page in the comments, one of which I’ve added above. Brian Leiter has provided similar material on his post.

*Update*: Comments now closed, as they were becoming difficult to moderate. The trolls were too hungry.

*Update (23 Feb)*:  Leiter Reports has published this message from Vincent Hendricks. A similar statement from Hendricks appears toward the end of our comment thread.

Top Girl vs High School Hottie

Top Girl is an app that, according to the manufacturers, allows you to do amazing things:

GET THE PERFECT LOOK with hundreds of unique shoes, purses, accessories & clothes!
FLIRT WITH & DATE hot guys of your choice!
STRUT YOUR STUFF and kick off a blazing hot modeling career!
GO OUT & PARTY at over fabulous parties and clubs!
JET SET from LA to NYC!

Available in the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android, and Android Market!

Exploring the lessons girls are taught by such games, social critic and commedian Franchesca Ramsey gives us HIGH SCHOOL HOTTIE:


Our readers may remember Franchesca Ramsey from an earlier video on s**t  white girls say to black girls.  Thanks, FR!