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Knocking an abortion bill off the fast-track February 24, 2012

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This Washington Post article, surveying how media attention knocked the Virginia ultrasound bill off the fast-track, is interesting to read in its entirety.  As a fan of frivolous entertainments, I enjoy the mentions of SNL and the Daily Show, such fun.  As a blogger at FP, I found the sentence that jumped out at me from the second page was this:

“I don’t think they understood what kind of ultrasound they were talking about,” [State Sen. Janet Howell] said.

I remember my experiences with transvaginal ultrasound as terribly negative, far more uncomfortable and upsetting than I expected.  Yes, one must understand what one is talking about. 

Not much to add that we haven’t already discussed, but it’s an interesting take on the media attention, recommended reading.


3 Responses to “Knocking an abortion bill off the fast-track”

  1. sissystars Says:

    It does seem that these legislators were legislating whereof they knew not. However, the ‘retreat’ was to a [belly] ultrasound; so, I don’t think it is much of a retreat. It is still a state mandated medical procedure – aimed at women who seek abortions.

    Worth noting: the bill requires the woman to pay for the procedure.

  2. Nemo Says:

    More accurately, the bill does not address the matter of payment, except that (unless the recent amendment deleted the language) it requires the Department of Health to advise women where they can go to receive an ultrasound free of charge.

  3. MinaWest Says:

    They just don’t want to give anyone a break do they? Its so frustrating that they are men who think they know everything about what women’s bodies should and shouldn’t go through. I appreciate that some supporters of the bill have their hearts in the right place ( as far as protection of the unborn child goes) but the fact that women have had no sya in this just makes it that much more dangerous for this law to continue as it is.

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