Early Modern Mentoring Workshop

The Hume Society is pleased to announce a mentoring workshop for early career women in Hume studies or related areas of early modern philosophy. The workshop will be held at the Hotel Alma, the conference hotel for this year’s International Hume Conference in Calgary on the afternoon of July 17th (the day before the conference begins). The workshop will have two components: a writing workshop with papers circulated in advance, and a practical session devoted to strategies for securing and retaining employment in academia. Work for the writing workshop should be a complete paper (something you are preparing for publication or a conference) or chapter (book or dissertation). Senior women Hume scholars will facilitate both sessions. The workshop is open to women members of the Hume Society or women registrants for the Hume Conference. If you are interested in participating, please contact Jacqueline Taylor (jtaylor2 AT usfca.edu) by March 20th, 2012, so that appropriate meeting room space can be reserved. If you plan to submit work for the writing workshop, paper/chapter drafts should be sent to Jacqueline Taylor by June 15th, 2012. Papers will be pre-circulated to all participants, mentors and early career women scholars. Further information on the 2012 Hume conference in Calgary can be accessed on the Society’s homepage here.