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Kripke resigns– faked thought experiments February 25, 2012

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Saul Kripke resigned yesterday from his position as Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. While similar allegations have been circulating in unpublished form for years, a team of philosophers from Oxford University has just released a damning report claiming that they were systematically unable to reproduce the results of thought experiments reported by Kripke in his groundbreaking Naming and Necessity. The team, led by Timothy Williamson, first became suspicious of Naming and Necessity after preliminary results raised questions about related work by Hilary Putnam.


4 Responses to “Kripke resigns– faked thought experiments”

  1. Hahaha! After teaching my classes that made my day!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is this true or what? I´m confused now.

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