7 thoughts on “Choke Your Husband to Relieve Stress?

  1. Product description: “This hysterical Choke Your Husband Stress Toy is the perfect outlet for your anger management! Simply press your Husband’s hand to hear his rude and lazy remarks… then show him who’s really in charge by choking his neck! Watch his eyes bulge, his cheeks turn red, his tongue stick out, and his legs kick while you hear him choke! Release his neck and he’ll say exactly what you want to hear! (…if only!) This choking husband doll is every wife’s dream! Availability: This Choke Your Husband stress toy takes approximately 1 business day to leave the warehouse plus transit time. Some of the infuriating phrases he takes back when you strangle him: Before Choking: Great dinner, Hun. But the table’s not gonna clear itself. After Choking: I mean, where is the apron? I will get right on those dishes!. Before Choking: Hey, why don’t you get up and get me a drink? After Choking: I was just kidding, just a joke! Don’t hurt me… Before Choking: I’m going out to play 36 holes of golf! After Choking: I mean, you go shopping! Here’s my wallet. Have fun, Darling! Before Choking: Actually yes, you do look fat in those pants. After Choking: No no, I mean, you look thin! Before Choking: I’ll try to get that fixed next weekend if the game’s not on. After Choking: I mean, I’m burnin’ daylight! Mr. Fix-It is on the job! Before Choking: It’s about time you got home, I’m starving! After Choking: No no, I said I’m carving! Roast duck sound good to you, dear? “

  2. From the description above, the doll trivializes not only domestic violence, but also marriage and human existence.

    Many male-female relationships have serious problems of communication and of machismo, but the doll reduces them to rather shallow stereotypes.

  3. I know. Awful. And googling ‘husband stress dolls’ yields rather depressing results. There are a few of these on the market. One is aimed at women with “dumb husbands.” They reinforce just about every gender stereotype going including the dumb, domestically incompetent husband which I really hate and is a mainstream of television humour. (Think of the dads on Modern Family, a show which otherwise has some good things going for it.)

  4. This really is appalling. I think seeing this as ‘a joke’ only continues men from very rarely, almost never, reporting when they are in a domestic abuse situation.

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