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Travel advice from Foreign Affairs Canada February 28, 2012

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“Single Canadian women traveling alone who don’t want to be hit on by strange men should wear a fake wedding ring and have a photo handy of their imaginary husband, says a travel guide entitled “Her Own Way — A Woman’s Safe-travel Guide,” issued by Foreign Affairs Canada.”

More here from the Toronto Star.


5 Responses to “Travel advice from Foreign Affairs Canada”

  1. And they should say that the husband is a sniper in the Army.

  2. s. wallerstein Says:

    Wear a big crucifix around your neck, carry a Bible and if he approaches, talk about Jesus. It works.

  3. Merry Says:

    S. Wallerstein, particularly if you’re traveling in the Middle East.

  4. 13eb Says:

    I have a funny feeling this strategy is only going to weed out the more benign approaches, leaving the industrial-grade creeps unaffected.

  5. james Says:

    just tell him you’re a feminist. should scare him off.

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