At last! Twister for girls

Because toys just weren’t gendered enough already.

Hasbro’s lineup of children’s game and been gender-ized! (yes, I made that word up) Classic games like Candy Land, Twister, Clue and Connect 4 have been redesigned to appeal to one gender. Connect 4 is no longer yellow and blue, now it’s black, gold and red with very masculine packaging. The Connect 4 line extension, Connect 4 Dunk, will have a basketball themed commercial that will target boys. Obviously, with the Battleship movie on the horizon, we all know that Battleship is solidly in the boy’s group of game and that will continue, and Clue will join the ranks of boy’s products with this year’s into Clue Eliminiation. On the other end of the spectrum, Candy Land and Twister are going to be girls’ products. Candy Land Princesses and a new version of Twister Dance featuring Britney Spears were featured in the Hasbro showroom.

Thanks, L!

3 thoughts on “At last! Twister for girls

  1. Dear god. The thought of Clue being a “boys’ game” just makes me unbelievably sad. A lot of my own early skill at game strategy — determining what information you needed to acquire, and balancing those needs against the need to fake out your opponents with your guesses — came from Clue, and I remember it so fondly from those years.

    Not to mention the idea that girls and boys won’t be playing Clue and Twister together. It’s pathetic.

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