Quilting Physics

I find this juxtaposition of a great big physics machine with traditionally feminine art immensely pleasing.  Artist Kate Findlay’s quilts and other textile artworks are inspired by the Large Hadron Collider.

“The Large Hadron Collider, a steely pinnacle of physics and engineering, doesn’t generally bring soft, snuggly thoughts to mind. But that may change for people who see Kate Findlay’s quilts. For four years, she has been making fabric-based artwork inspired by the accelerator and its experiments. “I’ve been living and dreaming and sleeping and eating hadron colliders,” she says.”

5 thoughts on “Quilting Physics

  1. I am a quilter, and I find the basic laws of physics inportant in makeing sure a quilt is straight, and that th pieces balance each other well, Yes Physics is rekated to quiltinb big time. I have never made a quilt as complicated as this one, but a few that were round, and it aint easy, this woman is a fine artest, and I’ll guess a good mathamatition as well

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    This is pretty awesome. Who says physics is a men’s thing, and who says the women in physics have to act like men to get some respect? Hey and who says quilting is only a woman’s thing? Say whatever you want, science-inspired art is mah thing. And so is the amalgamation of preconceived gender notions.

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