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Models breaking the mould? March 4, 2012

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Thats what The Guardian says. They’re talking about top models who are genuinely different from others we’ve seen– like the one’s in her 80s, the one who identifies as androgynous, and the self-identified feminist one who proudly keeps her body hair. But I confess the cynical side of me feels like we’ve been here before. After all, one of them is a breakthrough because she has some body fat– anyone remember how Sophie Dahl was supposed to change everything? And another is a breakthrough because she’s black– again, this breakthrough was supposed to have happened so many times before. Still, here’s hoping.


Ruth Barcan Marcus: No newspaper obituaries yet

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Brian Leiter has noted that scandalous and deeply depressing fact that none of the major newspapers has yet posted an obituary of this towering figure. Is this right? I’m hoping that someone will tell me it’s wrong.



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