“Give [the laundry] to your woman: it’s her job”

Emma Barnett argues this isn’t *just* a joke:

However, this crass message stitched onto the label in these cheap chinos from Madhouse, genuinely took me aback.
There was no attempt at wit, and unlike the Topman t-shirts, which offended so many with their brazen slogans to be worn across young men’s chests – this was a hidden message – or rather an order, intended to encourage women to reassume their once their ‘proper place’ (in the home) and young men to maintain the expectations of their grandfathers.
Even the language – ‘Your Woman’ – presupposed some kind of Neanderthal mentality from my boyfriend, an unwilling shopper after some affordable chinos – preferably not lined with sexist imperatives.

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One thought on ““Give [the laundry] to your woman: it’s her job”

  1. Joke or no, some corporate decision-maker, somewhere, whiffed horribly.

    If mass-market clothing were still produced by, say, ILGWU instead of by wage slaves in developing countries (note: I don’t actually know where or under what circumstances these trousers were manufactured), I could picture someone taking their foot off the sewing machine pedal and saying “No way.”

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