2 thoughts on “New film about Simone Weil

  1. A university near mine recently screened this film. It was well worth watching, although it was less about Weil’s philosophy than a philosopher might want, partially because it wasn’t made by a philosopher and partially because much of the film concerns the filmmaker’s own life. That said, I like the film. I also quite like its creator, who was smart (and I mean whip-smart!), humane, humble, funny and interesting in the Q+A following the film.

  2. We also had the filmmaker at our campus for a screening and the film was excellent and so was the time we spent with the filmmaker. I agree with Shannon’s comment that Julia Haslett is super-smart, really interesting, funny and humane. Philosophers might want more or different, but as a co-sponsored talk with people from Film, Women’s Studies, French, Philosophy, Visual Arts and Classical Studies it was really perfect. I highly recommend that if you can bring together a number of departments to co-sponsor a screening and Q&A, you won’t be disappointed.

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